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The Tartan Army get behind their team in  Argentina. Photograph: Allsport UK/Allsport

“My name is Ally MacLeod, and I am a born winner!” And we all know how this story pans out. Let’s cut the man some slack, though, for he wasn’t quite(...)

Hillary Clinton has revealed she considered  including a universal basic income as a central policy plank in her 2016 election campaign. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

In her campaign memoir What Happened, published this week, Hillary Clinton makes a startling revelation about what might have been the central policy (...)

 IRA men Peter Barnes and James McCormack were hanged for their part in a bomb in Coventry in 1939 that killed five civilians.   Éamon de Valera’s Fianna Fáil government appealed for clemency but would execute six IRA men during the second World War. Photograph: Getty Images

The second World War was a conflict that claimed tens of millions of lives worldwide. Although Ireland adopted a neutral stance during the war, it wou(...)

Photograph: Getty Images

Some day I may write the book – Marie Mullen: My Role in Creating One of Ireland’s Greatest Actors. It will be short. I used tell the story way back(...)

 Aftermath of the IRA bicycle bomb in Coventry, England,  in 1939. Photograph: National Media Museum/SSPL/Getty Images

It was a bustling Friday afternoon, two weeks before her wedding day, when Elsie Ansell went browsing in Broadgate, Coventry’s main shopping street. (...)

Rupert Murdoch: the Murdoch family has 39.4 per cent of the voting power at News Corp even though it owns only 14 per cent of the company

Rupert Murdoch has lost an important News Corp ally after Prince Alwaleed bin Talal sold most of his stake, a move that could embolden dissident share(...)