Pete Mccarthy

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Dr Aidan MacCarthy, from Cork, of the RAF, who survived Dunkirk, the fall of Singapore, having his ship torpedoed and time in a POW camp, before being in Nagasaki on the day on the atomic bomb was dropped

In a room above MacCarthy’s bar in Castletownbere, Co Cork is a daily reminder that the world has survived worse travails than Covid-19. The ceremoni(...)

Detail of a photograph by Paul Scannell of McCarthy, an abandoned mining  town in Alaska

Hiking in eastern Alaska some time ago, Dublin photographer Paul Scannell chanced upon a small town called McCarthy, where he was so charmed by the am(...)

Worshippers wearing the Montserrat national dress of 'Irish tartan' attend mass in the town of Lookout. Customs officers stamp shamrocks in the passports of visitors to this tiny West Indies island. Photograph:Frank Miller

When Donaldson Romeo was a young black portrait artist fighting deportation from Britain, he never dreamed that within a short few years he would be (...)

For Christmas, Kilbronogue will be grand. Perfect to welcome friends and family with goose and spiced beef and the wine and various duck-based products I’m bringing back from France. I can’t wait. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney

As the belongings from my 25 years in Paris were being squashed into the removal van and the doors shut sharply on them, just in case they made a last(...)