“The bread I can eat now is better than it used to be, but it will never be the same as actual bread,” says one coeliac. Photograph: iStock

The phrase “gluten-free” appeared on nine occasions in this newspaper in a five-year period from 1996 until 2000 and the same number of times over a f(...)

“There is a lot of noise around the topic, whether it is from celebrity advocates such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Novak Djokovic, or chefs, nutritionists and bloggers.” Photograph: iStock

People in Ireland are wasting tens of millions of euro each year on high-priced gluten-free products that do little or nothing to improve their health(...)

One in two people works during their lunch break, according to new research

The lunch hour has become a thing of the past as we are now spending just 22 minutes a day eating lunch, according to new research commissioned by Bor(...)

Only 18% of Irish adults said they would enjoy having a dinner party where they did all the cooking. Photograph: Getty Images

New research has found that we are cooking from scratch more than before but, while we are growing in confidence in the kitchen, we appear to be reluc(...)

Irish consumers are doing more pre-planning before we shop, new research shows

The recession has encouraged us to return to shopping habits of our forefathers, but with a smartphone in one hand and a tablet in the other, accordin(...)

Social commerce is “the next frontier in shopping” according to the Tomorrow’s Shopper research just published by Bord Bia.It says the use of social n(...)