Paula Barry

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“For some reason, 21st-century women who are happy to stand up for their rights in the boardroom are still taking childbirth lying down.”

Twenty-one years ago this month, my birth plan went horribly wrong. Expecting my first child, I had read voraciously about labour and childbirth and d(...)

Water baby Archie Murphy and some of other  children born in the  Coombe’s birthing pool.

It was May 2014 when Celene Murphy became the first woman to birth her baby in water at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital with midwife (...)

Most maternity care in Ireland is obstetrician-led care in hospitals, but with midwives in attendance during labour and birth.

While many changes are promised by the National Maternity Strategy published in January, birthing options, and conditions, currently vary greatly acro(...)

As this trimester begins the symptoms of early pregnancy decrease or disappear (though for some women nausea and vomiting continue).  After 14(...)

Your baby should double his weight in these last months. You will also be getting larger. But a lot of it is the weight of baby, amniotic fluid and(...)