Paula Amato

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It  is wrong to describe a fertilised ovum as a human being. It is a biological reaction. It has no head, no heart, no spine, no consciousness.

It is time we talked about the embryo. Calmly, seriously, rationally. Last week it emerged that scientists at Oregon Health and Science University h(...)

Embryonic research: scientists believe “editing” human genomes could also work for other conditions caused by mutations such as cystic fibrosis and some breast cancers. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Catholic Church in Ireland has voiced its total opposition to the use of embryos in research following a breakthrough study by scientists who “edi(...)

A landmark study has raised the prospect of   the use of human embryo gene editing to eradicate inherited diseases. Photograph: OHSU/PA Wire

Scientists have modified human embryos to remove genetic mutations that cause heart failure in otherwise healthy young people in a landmark demonstrat(...)