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Muppets: some have no Earthly analogues; some resemble the four main Earth species: bear, human, frog and pig

It’s been so long since there’s been an actual Muppet Show on television I’d forgotten it wasn’t just a descriptive term for our parliamentary democra(...)

Rick and Morty: a show of mind-bending nihilism

In the olden days, people worried about young people watching too much television. Now that we’re all addicted to status updates and online fascism, w(...)

Jen Chapman: just having a break

It was a year of cultural and social upheaval, a year when the internet, still reeling from the maddening meat-grinder that was 2016, looked unto the (...)

The AAA girls featuring Willam, Courtney Act and Alaska: Getting  dressed-up for a   drag show is half the fun

This week I went to a drag show. Drag was a vague concept to my parents, so I’ll outline the general idea here too in case you’re foggy, forgive me if(...)

Dancefloor honesty: Adore Delano

TRACK OF THE WEEK I Adore U by Adore Delano. Fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race will be familiar with Adore’s work, and how her eye make-up game is s(...)

Author Liz Nugent. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

A change is as good as a rest, so with the new year looming, and with it talk of resolutions, is it worth going a step further and and signing up for (...)