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 Dylan McGrath at Shelbourne Social, his new restaurant on Shelbourne Road, Dublin. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Dylan McGrath pauses an awful lot after being asked a question, almost to the point where you start to wonder if in fact it was him who did the asking(...)

Caroline Wilson of Belfast Food Tours with  a group on  tour.

Imagine a meal that begins with the snap of crusty sourdough spread generously with Co Down’s golden Abernethy butter. Then move on to a plate of just(...)

Armagh chefs Sean Farnan and  Gareth Reid. Photograph: Jonathan King

A group of Northern chefs has banded together to try to transform Armagh into a Northern Ireland gourmet hub just like Kinsale in Co Cork, Ten chefs (...)

Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry outside The Dead Rabbit: Muldoon says of Ox, ‘It was honestly one of the best dining experiences I’ve had this year’

A young Belfast chef boarded a flight to New York last night with some unusual packages. All going well Andy Michaelides should be unpacking dried fig(...)

M y son could smell seaweed the other morning even though we’re three miles from the sea. If the wind blows a certain way the Grand Canal tunnels Davy(...)

 Majella Gallagher (front, centre) with her friends celebrating Christmas in the early 1990s: back, left to right:  Jean Fuller, Bridí McNerney, Ria Dunne, Helen McDonagh, Eimear Holmes; front left: Eleanor Ryan

The Saturday night before Christmas was the high point of our festive celebrations. A group of long-standing friends, we used to meet in Slatterys in(...)

Police clash with loyalist protestors in Belfast city centre as they attempt to block part of the route of the Anti-Internment League parade last Friday: Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Even though Belfast has struggled under the twin threats of economic recession and community tension, a great deal of good work continues at City Hall(...)

I t takes nerves of steel to open a Belfast restaurant now. It takes guts to open one where vegetables play a big part. And it takes a sense of (...)

British prime minister David Cameron is rightly worried about what the fallout will be for the rest of the UK if Northern Ireland gets the right to set its own corporation tax rates. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA

Have you ever been recommended to take a “tonic” when you are feeling run down and low? Often the promise that a certain concoction may d(...)

Celebrity chef Paul Rankin cited the ongoing union flag protests as a contributory factor in his decision to close the Cayenne restaurant. Photograph: Paul Faith/Press Association

The disturbances around the flags protest were a contributory factor in the closure of Belfast’s Cayenne restaurant, its owner the celebrity chef P(...)