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 Tina and PJ Flannery from Dunboyne after receiving their Covid-19 vaccines. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Our bodies can take weeks to build protection against Covid-19 after a vaccination jab, Claire O’Connell finds out why it is worth the wait. “I’m vac(...)

The most closely related viruses in bats are about 97 per cent similar to Sars-CoV-2, but this is ‘still a big difference’

Despite all the focus on the Covid-19 pandemic, the ultimate cause remains a mystery. Ideas that once seemed to belong to the realm of conspiracy the(...)

Scientists have argued that limiting people who have been previously infected by Covid-19 to a single dose of the vaccine could free up doses

The extension in presumed period of immunity post-Covid-19 infection to nine months would increase the number of people considered fully vaccinated wi(...)

Getting more people vaccinated gets harder after the most vulnerable and those most enthusiastic about vaccines have been inoculated. It will prove a lot harder to get from 70%  to 80% cover than from 60%  to 70%

It came from nowhere, ripped savagely through our lives and is currently overstaying its welcome. But when will the Covid-19 pandemic end? Or will it (...)

Pulling all working-age people ‘ in the AstraZeneca queue’ to receive that vaccine in pharmacies ‘just speeds up the whole vaccination plan,’ says union. Photograph: iStock

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout could be “speeded up” by allowing pharmacies administer the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to healthcare workers, the pharmac(...)

The mutation on the spike protein of the coronavirus could impede vaccines from working. Photograph: AP Photo/David Goldman

The mutant variant of Covid-19 that has surfaced in the UK is likely to be shown to be circulating in the Republic in coming days, according to Irish (...)

Case numbers are static and even rising in some counties since the ending of Level 5 restrictions. Photograph: Laura Hutton / The Irish Times

With shops and restaurants open again and the festive season approaching, the battle for the soul of Christmas is a joint one. On the one side are bu(...)

In the North it has been estimated that opening schools would add 0.2 to the reproduction number, but no such calculations have been done in the Republic. Photograph: Getty Images

Eight months into the pandemic and we still know worryingly little about where cases occur most frequently and where risk is highest. With over one-q(...)

Rapid testing turnaround times, especially as people have to go for repeat tests over the winter, will become increasingly important. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

By Monday morning, GPs’ WhatsApp groups were buzzing with worrying signs of what would become apparent to the rest of the country the following evenin(...)

Customers enjoy a pint and a glass of wine after a meal at The Duke pub on Dublin’s Duke Street on Tuesday. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Public health experts are not toasting the Government’s go-ahead for “wet” pubs to re-open. “I’m surprised at the decision, given the case numbers ar(...)

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