Paul Mallon

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Paul Mallon and Charlotte McCurry in Northern Star. Photograph: Keith Dixon

Northern Star Project Arts Centre ★★★★ Rough Magic interrogates the 1798 rebellion in their production of Stewart Parker’s 1984 play. Parker, writi(...)

From left, Robbie O’Connor and Darragh Kelly; Richard Clements and Eleanor Methven; and Charlotte McCurry and Ali White in Northern Star. Photographs: Keith Dixon

The revolution has not gone according to plan. In the chaos of collapse, one of its leaders wearily considers his legacy while expecting his own exec(...)

Pentecost: at its best when it’s given room to breathe
Review: Pentecost
  • Stage
  • September 30, 2014, 16:20

Pentecost Lyric Theatre, Belfast ***   There comes a point in any play – usually within the first 20 minutes – when you know (...)

‘Declan Hughes’s real achievement in Digging for Fire is  to observe his moment rather than predict the future’

Digging For FireProject Arts Centre, Dublin **** (...)