Paul Dwyer

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Dark web: 'I could make you physically sick in minutes by showing you stuff now, but the second or the third or fourth time you see it you can get desensitised.' Illustration: iStock/Getty

A “regular” murder can be arranged for $45,000, while making a victim disappear without a trace costs $60,000. A straightforward crippling is $12,000 (...)

Cyber Risk International chief executive Paul Dwyer: “I am not a gambler; I do enough risk-taking as an entrepreneur in business.”

Are you a saver or a spender? It depends. I am not afraid to splurge out and spend. I think some things, especially occasions, are priceless. However(...)

Some simple steps will save you from any threat from breaches of Yahoo account security.  Photograph: iStockphoto

The individual account information hacked from Yahoo includes encrypted passwords so cyber-criminal may not necessarily be able to access emails – but(...)

Hacker attack: last year, 79 per cent of companies in an Isme survey said they had been targeted by computer-related criminal activity

It used to be the case that if somebody tried to steal from your business, an alarm would go off and the authorities would act accordingly. In the 21(...)