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Michael Crichton: chose not to practise medicine and instead became a one-man entertainment industry. Photograph: Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images

As a self-published writer with a comic novel and two column collections to my name, I have little time for the precious sensibilities of the traditio(...)

Salt and baking soda is a treatment maybe as long as 100 years-old. Photograph: iStock

Of course I didn’t see the joke coming. I was in the doctor’s office and my guard was down. It was the first meeting with the new GP – a handover of b(...)

Anne Walsh with her daughter Aisling, who is anaphylactic to peanuts.

In July 2016, 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse boarded a flight at London Heathrow airport after eating a sandwich she had just bought in Pret a Ma(...)

Emer Kelly, who died of an asthma attack, and her daughter, Ciara Kelly

Ciara Kelly’s mother, Emer, suffered from asthma since childhood and was “always breathless”, Ciara recalls. Asthma attacks came “almost monthly” and (...)

We all know exercise is good for us – whether we are serious athletes preparing for a marathon or somewhat less energetic. However, a recent study fr(...)

Alison with  Lir Playschool owner Kerrie Redford; Dr David Menzies, a consultant in emergency medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital; dad Ben Slater; mum Ruth Kidney holding their younger daughter Emma. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Alison ate some yogurt. Within 10 minutes, her eyes and lips had swollen and she was vomiting. She was in anaphylactic shock. Within 15 minutes, her(...)

Dr Paul Carson with his son, David

Hay fever is a miserable affliction affecting almost a quarter of the world’s population. It wreaks havoc from the end of March to the end of August b(...)

One-third  of hay fever sufferers claimed they “get no sympathy whatsoever” from their boss.

The hottest day of the year has got to be good news, right? Not for Ireland’s one million hay-fever sufferers. Though the tree pollen season is ove(...)

Being “allergic to Christmas itself”, as one colleague nicely put it, isn’t all that bad.  Photograph: Thinkstock

I was born into “the big Christmas tree ban”. There are strictly no real trees allowed in the Ruxton household, originally thanks to my brother. He’s (...)