Patrick Wilson: I am conscious of my good fortune.

“I cast a wide net when I started out,” lovely Patrick Wilson tells me. “In the mid-1990s there weren’t a lot of guys coming into musical theatre who (...)

Liam Neeson in 'The Commuter'. Photograph: Lionsgate

A mathematical problem. If x is Liam Neeson and y is the ridiculous thing that Liam Neeson has to do so that his wife/family are no longer in peril an(...)

Insidious: Chapter 2

Well, this is disappointing. Less than two months after securing a deserved word-of-mouth hit with The Conjuring, James Wan serves up a turkey with th(...)

The Conjuring

It’s 1971 and truck driver Roger (Ron Livingston) and his wife Carolyn (Lili Taylor) move into a ramshackle Rhode Island farmhouse with their five dau(...)