Executed: Thomas Harte and Patrick McGrath.

Eighty years ago this week, a barely remembered event in the history of law and order within the Irish state occurred, yet the significance of it cann(...)

To clear congestion try this breathing exercise: Sit up straight, gently inhale and exhale through the nose, then pinch both nostrils shut. Shake your head up and down or from side to side until you feel the need to breathe. Take a slow breath in through the nose, or through pursed lips if the nose is still congested. Breathe calmly for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat five more times. Brown Bird Design

Breathe. We do it roughly 25,000 times a day, but until recently few of us gave much thought to this automatic bodily function. “If there’s(...)

If breathing through your nose is not comfortable while you sit at a laptop, it won’t be manageable on a run just yet. Try walking first. Photograph: iStock

I’m always looking for ways to improve my running without having to put myself through too much physical hardship. I’m not a runner who thrives on lun(...)

 IRA men Peter Barnes and James McCormack were hanged for their part in a bomb in Coventry in 1939 that killed five civilians.   Éamon de Valera’s Fianna Fáil government appealed for clemency but would execute six IRA men during the second World War. Photograph: Getty Images

The second World War was a conflict that claimed tens of millions of lives worldwide. Although Ireland adopted a neutral stance during the war, it wou(...)

This summer’s heatwave has caused problems for asthma sufferers and others with chronic respiratory problems caused by high pollen counts. Singing (...)