British cupboard maker Plain English has a great history in playing with colour but its new collaboration with London-based writer and decorator Rita Konig, Colour Collection No 3 brings depth to its colour palette.

Colour can bring personality and depth to a room, especially in a kitchen were too many built-in units can make the space look like a thousand others.(...)

A former garage converted to a courtyard mews in Rathmines, Dublin 6

A garage that was once used to store a Mini Cooper, measuring only about 150sq m, has been excavated to deliver a three-storey, three-bedroom family h(...)

The mosque in Québec where six men were shot dead.  Photograph: Alice Chiche/AFP/Getty Images

When I was a volunteer English teacher in Montreal in 2000 and 2001, most of the students were refugees and asylum seekers from some of the world’s mo(...)

‘After my three isolating years in small town rural Ontario, Montreal was love at first sight, but it wasn’t home. Only Belfast could be home, as only Mum could be Mum.’

Jorge Luis Borges once wrote: “The labyrinth of London disorients me”, which may describe how you will feel when you leave home and arrive in a major(...)

Shanid Road, a crescent shaped road off Clareville Road, a stone’s throw from Kenilworth crossroads, is another Dublin 6W street where many of the pr(...)

Cian McDonald owner of the Grooming Rooms on South William Street. Photograph: Sara Freund

Best Salon The Grooming Rooms The barber business is booming now, but the Grooming Rooms were ahead of the curve, opening in 2007. Owners John Erraug(...)

Big slabs of concrete are set on wooden posts with stainless steel pins and racks below the counter top  in this Johnny Grey design

Say goodbye to the bog standard kitchen and hello to a fun space that doesn’t feel detached from the look of the rest of your home. Maverick archit(...)

The Ulsterman: Patrick McKenna. Photograph  courtesy of the McKenna family/The Great British Train Robbery

On August 8th, 1963, when a 16-strong gang stole £2.6million – equivalent to £45 million, or €57 million, today – from the Royal Mail’s travelling pos(...)

Eoghan McHugh

EOGHAN McHUGH (above), who is 39 and originally from Dublin, works for a software company in Seattle “Home is where I pay property tax and water (...)