A new jury has been sworn to hear the trial of a father accused of murdering his baby son after delays in the trial due to snow. Justice Patrick McC(...)

It’s alleged that Egita Jaunmaize, of no fixed abode, placed a blue cord around Ms Ozolina’s neck so as to simulate her suicide in order to make it more difficult to establish that her death was suspicious.

A jury has been asked to consider the defences of duress and reasonable excuse in the trial of a mother-of-one charged with impeding a killer’s appreh(...)

Whether it’s the rugged landscape carved by glaciers and Atlantic ravages, the flora, fauna or indeed the inhabitants, the lure of west Cork has capti(...)

 Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy: “The fundamental problem with mandatory sentencing is its failure to fulfil the basic requirements of a sentencing policy.”

Mandatory sentences do not help achieve the key goals of deterrence or rehabilitation and should be revisited, a High Court judge has said. Endorsing (...)