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The yield gap between 10-year British government bonds and their German peers was about 120 basis points, close to its widest level in two weeks

Euro zone bond yields fell on Friday, as data showing a bigger-than-expected decline in German producer prices reinforced expectations for ECB monetar(...)

German 10-year yields were 3 basis points lower at 0.158 per cent, close to a record low of 0.152 perc ent hit last week

Nervous investors drove safe-haven German Bund yields close to record lows on Wednesday, amid concern over Greece’s ability to resolve its debt crisis(...)

German 10-year Bund yields, which set the standard for euro zone borrowing costs, fell to a new record low of 0.199 per cent on Monday. Most other euro zone bond yields were at or close to record lows.

Euro zone bond yields kept falling on Wednesday as the European Central Bank hoovered up government debt across the currency union at a rate matching (...)

German 10-year Bund yields fell 2 basis points to 0.457 per cent, within touching distance of their all-time low of 0.433 per cent

Bond yields in five euro zone countries hit new lows on Wednesday after an opinion from an adviser to Europe’s top court on an unused ECB debt buying(...)