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Outgoing Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

The failure of European authorities to directly recapitalise Irish banks at the height of the financial crisis represents one of the biggest “missed o(...)

Prof Honahan suggested that regrets over blocking Irish demands to impose a haircut on holders of senior debt in Anglo-Irish Bank may have persuaded European policymakers to approve 2013 deal on promissory note. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

The restrictions on mortgage lending introduced by the Central Bank have made another Irish housing bubble impossible, the outgoing governor of the Ce(...)

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Minister for Finance Michael Noonan at yesterday’s eurogroup meeting in Brussels. Photograph: Reuters

Minister of Finance Michael Noonan has said he is confident the European Commission will approve Budget 2016 in the coming weeks, despite concerns fro(...)

The latest Exchequer returns provide both reason to cheer and cause for the Government to worry. Tax revenue for October was boosted by a strong rise (...)

Outgoing Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan: ‘Irish banks mispriced credit risk before . . . are we sure they’re not mispricing in the other direction now?’ Photographic: Jonathan Crosby/Reuters

Irish banks may be too risk averse, outgoing Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan has said, while also highlighting the relatively high interest r(...)

Very careful monitoring is needed  to ensure that a massive gap between tax and spending doesn’t suddenly open up,  once again requiring another bout of savage retrenchment measures. Above, Taoiseach, Enda Kenny Photograph:  Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin

A phoney political war has enveloped Leinster House in recent weeks as the parties manoeuvre for position in advance of the general election which pro(...)

Maintenance works near the old ECB centre in Frankfurt, Germany. The Troika will raise concerns over planned Coalition spending during their visit. Photograph: by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

The Government is to face questions from the troika next week over the scale of spending envisaged in the budget, amid concerns that next year’s fisca(...)

Patrick Honohan, outgoing governor of the Central Bank. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The rate of economic growth is being exaggerated and may be leading to overconfidence in planning for the future, the outgoing Central Bank governo(...)

Enda Kenny: “The governor told me, it looks like this weekend . . . you’ll have to put the army around the banks and around the ATM machines, and introduce capital controls like they had in Cyprus.” Photograph: Andreas Manolis/Reuters

‘The Curious Case of Irish Banks, the Army and a Prime Minister”. That was the headline which the international news agency Bloomberg put on its story(...)

Outgoing Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan: there was a very real threat to Ireland of bond investors refusing to buy Irish debt

Simon Wren-Lewis, an Oxford professor and economic advis er to the British Labour Party, told Dublin economists last night that the European Central B(...)

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