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When  the impact of prices is considered, Irish households no longer belong to the EU rich club.

Incomes have risen steadily in Ireland in recent years – before Covid-19 hit – with some data showing Ireland as one of the EU’s richest countries. Bu(...)

A man walks past a window display at the National Wax Museum Plus in Dublin, which has reopened following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

With Ireland’s success to date in bringing the outbreak of infection down to a low level, and the rapid bounce-back in economic activity now in progre(...)

Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer Rishi Sunak delivering his summer economic statement in the House of Commons in London on Wednesday. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

The UK is dealing with similar economic fallout from coronavirus as Ireland, and so the summer statement by chancellor Rishi Sunak is worth studying f(...)

Former Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan: ‘It would be a very big mistake to use the previous crisis as a model for how the public finances should be managed.’ File photograph: Dave Meehan

Former Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan has warned the Government not to turn off the spending tap too early and risk worsening the downturn. He(...)

Former Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan: helicopter money is not something the ECB would consider

Financial packages that a week ago looked big, suddenly look insufficient. Economic measures that seemed like overkill last month now seem too weak to(...)

 The LÉ Samuel Beckett moored   on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay to help in the fight against Covid-19.  The State, mostly so sluggish during the lifetime of the outgoing Government, has reacted like the crew of a becalmed vessel, snoozing down below, to the order: all hands on deck! It has switched itself on with remarkable alacrity. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Many times, in writing about the failures of the State, I’ve used some version of this line: “we don’t have governments, just a perpetual crisis-manag(...)

 Former IMF  chief Ajai Chopra: he   singled out the lack of leadership from the US, and what he described as unhelpful comments from US leaders

The coronavirus crisis has hit the world economy “much harder and much faster than anything before”, and will have a deeper impact than the 2008 finan(...)

The State can borrow to try and ensure that by the end of 2021 most individuals and companies will be back on their feet. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

As the nation comes to grips with the scale of the Covid-19 epidemic and its accelerating spread, we have begun to realise that our daily lives will b(...)

President of the European Central Bank  Christine Lagarde  with its vice-president Luis de Guindos: the timidity and suspicion of policy during the euro area crisis must be avoided.  Photograph:  Thomas Lohnes/Getty

In facing the sharp economic crisis that is spinning out of the pandemic, European fiscal and monetary policymakers must not forget lessons learned in(...)

 KBC Group CEO Johan Thijs: ‘What is still an annoying thing is all the tracker mortgage stuff and, honestly, we would recommend to Central Bank of Ireland: come on, guys, turn the page.’ Photograph:  Brenda Fitzsimons

The dreaded B-word hovered malevolently over the banking sector, like most areas of Irish economic and political life, in 2019. Fears over the impact(...)

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