Jack Charlton. Photograph: Peter Powell/EPA

Former Ireland football manager Jack Charlton, who died earlier this year, and World Health Organisation official Dr Michael Ryan are among 14 recipie(...)

Some 1,900 lines of inquiry were followed up by gardaí and almost 700 statements taken. Two people were arrested and the DPP later directed no criminal prosecutions be brought against them.

The High Court has refused to grant an application by the family of a murder victim for orders halting an inquest into his death until they receive ce(...)

The sooner you recognise workplace stress and work out what you can do about it – seek changes in how things are done, work fewer days, change job for instance – the better

Imagine being stressed all or most of the time at work. And imagine the toll that might take on your health, your enjoyment of life and your general w(...)

“All employers have a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and this duty extends to mental as well as physical safety and health.” File photograph: Getty Images

Employers have been urged to be alert for the signs of work-related stress in their organisations and to use a new online tool to help them measure an(...)

The family of murder victim Liam Murray have secured a High Court order restraining next Monday’s inquest into the 42-year-old’s death from proceedi(...)

Stressed out: The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has expressed concern about rising levels of stress in the workplace

If productivity is going down the plughole in your business, then there may be a simple solution. Look after your employees better and they will look (...)

More than 3,000 farmers are being urged to take part in a farm safety survey which is being conducted by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). The (...)