Cloughjordan: 7 Fearann Geal

Cloughjordan Ecovillage, the pioneering community in Co Tipperary, is a credit to all who sail in her. First mooted in 1990, it had a site in 2005, in(...)

 Eoin McNamee: “If the heroes of noir know that their fate is sealed but turn and shake a fist it at in the name of humanity, then the villains are guilty of the negative. Like Judge Curran they become the agent of fate, and are capable of giving events a dire twist of their own.” Photograph: Eric Luke

At 2.20am on the morning of November 13th, 1952 the body of 19-year-old Patricia Curran was carried into the family doctor’s surgery. She had been (...)

Patricia Curran, centre, in March 1952: “Innocence lost in the noir world of white mischief, corruption and transgressive sex. Haunted and haunting. As the case against her alleged killer was built, a parallel case seemed to be come into existence against the 19-year-old. That she was wilful, promiscuous, consorted with older men. The sly narrative that takes hold in cases like this, that somehow the victim had brought the whole thing on herself”

The first time I saw her name. The first time I saw her face. I’m eight years old and I open a drawer in the hot press of a childhood home. The dra(...)