Pat Naughton

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Writer Christine Armstrong: delivered a feisty speech that sought to “blow up the bullsh*t” that says women can have it all – a perfect home life as well as a perfect career. photograph: maxwells

The integration into the mainstream business and corporate world of ethical or moral issues, such as green concerns or the drive for workplace equalit(...)

Michael Ferris has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court in Tralee to the murder of John Anthony O’Mahony. Photograph:  Domnick Walsh

A 73-year-old Kerry farmer died from “absolutely horrific injuries” to his upper body, his face and skull after he was repeatedly stabbed by the prong(...)

Without additional efforts to prevent injuries and illness, the rates of work-related injury and illness are likely to increase with economic recovery

How safe do you feel at work? While many of us are lucky enough to be in low-risk jobs in which health and safety is considered of paramount importanc(...)

Nobody ever left Ireland to go to America. Pat Naughton left Ballinasloe to go to his cousin John in Roxbury, Boston. James McCurdy went from Rathl(...)