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Stephen Roche celebrates after winning in 1987. Photo: Getty Images

The voice is almost shot already, the madness only beginning to unfold. Boom, the ski resort seeming to shake as Lauren Fignon of Système U and profe(...)

Frenchman David Lappartient has been voted in as the new  UCI president, winning a vote against Britain’s Brian Cookson 37-8. Photograph: Nicolas Tucat/AFP/Getty Images

Brian Cookson’s reign as the UCI president came to a humiliating end as he garnered only eight of 45 possible votes in losing world cycling’s top job (...)

Former UCI president Hein Verbruggen has won his libel case against journalist and former professional cyclist   Paul Kimmage. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Left vulnerable after a legal fund to support him was stolen, journalist and former pro rider Paul Kimmage has lost a libel case taken against him by (...)

Irish Sports Council chief executive John Treacy says criminalising doping should be considered. Photograph: Inpho

The chief executive of the Irish Sports Council (ISC), John Treacy, believes that criminalising athletes who deliberately cheat in sport by taking pr(...)

Maxim Iglinskiy of Astana, who tested positive for EPO. Photoraph: Michel Krakowski/AFP/Getty Images

There often comes a moment in any wordy or indeed worthy interview when the subject suddenly shifts uneasily in his seat and points towards the small (...)

Pat McQuaid: “He (Armstrong) decided to come back. We had no option but to allow him. And he did say his main reason was to promote his cancer charity. We had doubts. Of course we had doubts.”

There are, by now, so many sides to the story of doping in cycling over the past two decades that it’s gone perfectly and madly around. And around aga(...)

 Pat McQuaid, the former head of UCI, cycling’s world governing body.

There are, by now, so many sides to the story of doping in cycling over the past two decades that it’s gone perfectly and madly round. And round again(...)

The CIRC report gave a damning view of efforts by former UCI president Hein Verbruggen (left) to protect Lance Armstrong. Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

The course of cycling through this decade and well into the next is likely to be dictated by two weighty documents and two key dates: the Usada “reas(...)

Pat McQuaid:  “The report completely clears me of any corruption, any wrongdoing or any complicity in doping,” he said on RTÉ radio. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images.

Although the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC)’s report into the actions of cycling’s world governing body, the UCI, was widely interprete(...)

A report has accused the UCI of colluding with drug cheat Lance Armstrong. Photograph: Afp

Lasting 13 months and including a panel of three very experienced individuals, the Cycling Independent Reform Commission commissioned by the UCI in th(...)

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