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Ward Solutions chief executive Pat Larkin: “Irish businesses must act now to ensure compliance”

More than 40 per cent of Irish organisations do not have plans in place to deal with possible data breaches, while 13 per cent don’t even know where t(...)

Ward Solutions  found that some organisations are poorly prepared to tackle data breaches or security incidents

Close to half of Irish businesses said they wouldn’t disclose a data breach to affected customers or suppliers, but legal experts warn new EU laws wil(...)

The security operations centre includes threat monitoring, risk assessment and incident response technologies. Photograph:  Ward website

Ward Solutions has invested €1.2 million in an operations centre aimed at expanding its managed information security services offering to customers th(...)

Close to three quarters of IT professionals rated reputational and brand harm as the biggest security risk to their organisation, followed by loss of confidential or proprietary data, and disruption to critical operations

Irish businesses and public sector agencies spent on average €240,000 in the past year to tackle cybercrime and security breaches, a survey of senior (...)

Many companies still aren’t aware of their obligations to protect sensitive information

Data protection experts said a draft EU regulation announced this week should reduce the cost of compliance for some companies, but warned that many (...)

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Thinking over why his clients have bought cyber insurance, Seán Burke of Galway company Burke Insurances lists the “fear of the bad PR following a (...)