Metal-organic framework  (MOF) material: Uses  include gas storage, gas purification, gas separation, or as catalysts.

Belfast-based MOF Technologies is to license two new nanomaterials developed by Limerick-based researchers as part of an attempt to fight greenhouse (...)

MOF Technologies chief executive Paschal McCloskey: “Excelsa Ventures is a perfect fit for a company like us.”

A Belfast firm at the forefront of the commercialisation of nanotechnology has secured investment that will allow it to quadruple its research capaci(...)

Metal-organic framework (MOF) material  are highly crystalline porous materials made up of 3D networks of zinc-oxygen clusters connected by organic molecules. Uses of MOFs include gas separation, gas purification, gas storage, or as catalysts.  Photograph: Science Photo Library

Metal Organic Frameworks. What do those three words together conjure up in your mind?If you’re not a science graduate, perhaps the 1980s cartoon Jayce(...)