The political danger for Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe would be if he did not get much by way of concessions as a result of not signing up to the draft deal over the summer. Photograph: Alan Betson

Ireland could well face a moment of truth over the future of the 12.5 per cent tax rate in the next few days. Draft texts will circulate ahead of a ke(...)

Ulster Bank parent NatWest is expected to take a stake in Permanent TSB as part of the transfer of €9 billion in loans. Photograph: Alan Betson

Ulster Bank parent NatWest is reported to be on the verge of signing an agreement with Permanent TSB on the transfer of €9 billion of the departing le(...)

 Finland’s Finance Minister Annika Saarikko (L) is welcomed by Eurogroup president Paschal Donohoe (2-L), ECB president Christine Lagarde (2-R) and German finance minister Olaf Scholz (R) during a meeting of Eurogroup Finance Ministers at the European Council building in Luxembourg,  June 17th. Photograph: Francisco Seco/EPA

Talks on a major reform package for global corporate tax are entering a crucial two weeks, ahead of a key meeting of negotiations at end of the month (...)

In its review, the IMF said the Government needed to raise more taxes to invest in education, training and affordable housing and childcare once recovery from the pandemic has taken hold.

The introduction of a minimum global corporate tax rate could – in an “extreme scenario” – wipe out half of Ireland’s €11.8 billion corporate tax base(...)

OECD takes issue with gap between inheritance tax exemption for children and for other beneficiaries in Ireland

Taxing inheritance can play an important role in helping government raise revenues while addressing inequalities in society and efficiency, according (...)

What Ireland does with its 12.5% tax   rate will be framed by what the US Congress decides, but also by what global minimum is agreed by the OECD.   Photograph: Getty Images

The corporate tax world is changing, and Ireland needs to accept this. That was a key message from Frenchman Pascal Saint-Amans, who heads the OECD’s (...)

 Pascal Saint-Amans: “Ireland is not a tax haven, it is an investment hub.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Ireland will need to decide on the sensitive issue of its 12.5 per cent tax rate as the US may now set a “de facto”minimum tax rate for its companies(...)

US President Joe Biden’s broader goal is to  end what officials have described as a race-to-the-bottom on global taxation. Photograph: Leigh Vogel/Pool/EPA

The Biden administration is calling for the world’s biggest multinational companies to pay levies to national governments based on their sales in each(...)

Pascal Saint-Amans: whether the politically-canny OECD tax head  can pull off an exercise in herding cats remains to be seen. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The OECD put on a good show in its latest update on efforts to get global agreement on a plan to reform the way big multinational companies pay tax. B(...)

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has said repeatedly that he believes an agreement at OECD level is still the best option for Ireland. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Key talks on a new international corporate tax regime with major implications for Ireland are now facing a new deadline of mid-2021, as the OECD warns(...)

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