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On Tuesday, the PwC-Irish Times Tax Summit will wrestle the most topical questions in an increasingly uncertain world. File photograph: Getty

This Week September 16th Monday Indicators: Irish exports and imports (July). Tuesday Results: Uniphar, Adobe, FedEx. Indicators: Euro zone econom(...)

A new IMF paper estimates that some two-thirds of the measured foreign direct investment here is “phantom”, representing income passing through corporate shells rather than “real” activity. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

All eyes are – understandably – on Brexit but, behind the scenes, key negotiations are also under way on something else which will have a big impact o(...)

US deputy tax leader at PwC Pam Olson,   will speak in Dublin next Tuesday at the 2019 PwC Irish Times Tax Summit

US support makes a global deal on corporate tax at the OECD much more likely, according to Pam Olson, US deputy tax leader at PwC. With support growi(...)