Much research has been done on how badgers may transmit bTB to cattle, on the impacts of culling, and the effectiveness of the vaccine alternative. The outcomes are not definitive. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

Few stories in the Irish environmental and agricultural worlds are as thorny and long running as the debate about culling badgers to limit the spread (...)

Exceptional sights: a Plaiaundi pond, in the Basque Country. Photograph: Plaiaundi Ecological Park
Where birders dare

What you see in a landscape depends, to a large degree, on what you are interested in. When I lived in the medieval Basque fortress town of Hondarribi(...)

Rewet wet wet: some of the damming volunteers on Girley Bog. Photograph: Dora Kazmierak

Little is more miserable, weatherwise, than a really wet Irish summer Sunday. On a drive from Dublin to Kells recently the horizontal rain hammering o(...)

Flight of the drone: a conference presentation by Liam Murphy of Coastway Surveys showed how unmanned small aircraft explore ecosystems using multi-spectral cameras and sensors

How do you picture a professional ecologist, if you picture one at all? Many of us probably still imagine a figure rather like a Victorian naturalist:(...)

The continued imprisonment of Basque politician Arnaldo Otegi, who persuaded his former comrades in Eta to abandon terrorism, is a stain on Spain’s human rights and democratic credentials. Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters.

There is little doubt that the electoral earthquake that has shaken Spain’s two-party system was triggered by a widespread desire for democratic renew(...)

Photovoltaic power panels in El Bonillo, Spain. The big challenge for solar is the creation of large-scale concentrated solar power stations. Photograph:  Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

High-tech fixes are the US cavalry of the climate change movie. The plot runs like this: when all else fails, especially arguments that we should chan(...)

Rogerstown Estuary: long a hidden jewel. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Rogerstown Estuary was long a hidden jewel of Co Dublin’s coastal scenery and wildlife, overshadowed by the international reputations and exceptional (...)

People march during a Catalan Pro-Independence demonstration. David Ramos/Getty Images

‘Spain without Catalonia would no longer be Spain,” wrote former Spanish prime minister Felipe González in a passionate if blinkered appeal to the (...)

As Irish as a bodhrán: a raised bog. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

More than 500,000 EU citizens, of whom 7,694 are Irish, signed up last month to an online campaign supporting the EU directives on birds and habitats,(...)

‘Seagulls are often extraordinarily beautiful to the human eye, both in flight and up close and personal.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Doesn’t anybody read Jonathan Livingston Seagull any more? The protagonist of Richard Bach’s hugely popular 1970s adult fable was an exquisitely ether(...)

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