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Many European car makers plan to have at least a majority of their European sales made up of electric cars by 2030. Photograph: iStock

The EU’s proposed ban on the sale of new cars with combustion engines is coming under fire from two different sources, and for two very different reas(...)

The  assembly of an  Audi e-tron EV in Brussels

Can we really trim our CO2 emissions by switching to electric power? And can we trust car-makers to deliver truly clean motoring? For many decad(...)

Ninety-five per cent of the mass of vehicles and their batteries can be recycled or recovered, according to Renault

Sending a car to the scrapyard these days generally involves you paying for the process rather than the scrap merchant paying you for the old bits of(...)

The ID Life is a fully electric small car to be launched in 2025 at a cost of about €20,000 in Germany in a bid to make battery-powered cars affordable for the masses and younger generations

A new post-Covid world emerged in Munich this week, one where Germany’s biggest motor show is no longer just about cars. At least that’s the message. (...)

BMW says that it’s on course to achieve emissions reductions that would see it meet the Paris Accord strictures for a 1.5-degree rise in global temper(...)

Since its promising introduction eight years ago of the i3, BMW has fallen behind in the global race to develop the next generation of electric vehicles. Photograph: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

Eight years ago, BMW was one of the first major carmakers to sell a battery-powered car: the i3 broke ground with its lightweight carbon-fibre body an(...)

BMW posted a net profit for the quarter of €4.8bn, versus a loss of €212m   for the same quarter in 2020.  Photograph: iStock

BMW raised its profit forecast for 2021 on Tuesday after strong quarterly results, but warned that the global semiconductor chip shortage and rising r(...)

BMW said its first-quarter results received a boost from the sale of previously leased vehicles, in particular in the US market

BMW reiterated its full-year profit margin outlook on Friday, but said that it expected the rest of the year to remain volatile and that rising raw ma(...)

Camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are integrated into the grille - which BMW now calls an ‘intelligence panel’

Having been called the iNext since its – somewhat controversial – concept version was first shown in 2018. That concept was one of the first BMW’s to (...)

BMW posted a pretax loss of €498 million, its first in over 11 years, and an operating loss of €666 million for the quarter. Photograph: Christof Stache/AFP via Getty Images

BMW expects to make a profit this year if demand continues to recover, despite posting a record loss for its car division in the second quarter after (...)

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