Oliver Sachs

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Spalding Gray: inspired by rural Westmeath. Photograph: Jack McManus

In its original stage format, as you’ll know, Wild Mountain Thyme was a play called Outside Mullingar, which premiered on Broadway in 2014. More speci(...)

Freedom fighter: Albie Sachs was appointed by Nelson Mandela to South Africa’s fledgling constitutional court and became the primary architect of the 1996 post-apartheid constitution

Seven-year-old Oliver Sachs can be heard playing in the background as his father, Albie, speaks over Skype from his home in Cape Town. “People (...)

Dusk Ahead: ‘We’re really focusing on the idea that dusk is the hour between dog and wolf, between domestic and wild, and between hope and fear’

Rehearsal studios are a bit like classrooms: even a quick visit will reveal the learning dynamic. Is there a contented hum of collaborative activit(...)