Nuala Goodman

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Nuala Goodman’s  Affresco wallpaper is reminiscent of the distressed plasterwork one might find in an ageing palazzo.

Why are some people scared of wallpaper? Maybe it’s a hangover from the times, between 1950 and 1970, when many ghastly and frequently geometric crime(...)

Sleeper, by Mark Wallinger

Tulca Festival of Visual Arts 2014: Neutral Various venues, Galway ****   Curator Alison Prior – best-known for her work with (...)

Plate by Diulio Forte, from ‘Meditation on plates, inspired by Lord Charlemont’s Casino’

The Casino at Marino is a gorgeous puzzle box of a place. Like Doctor Who’s Tardis, it seems much bigger on the inside than out, and it includes all m(...)