Nuala Goodman

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Ursula Burke picks up on the updating theme with Balaclava Bust (2014)

For millennia, philosophers, thinkers and religious types have pondered the whereabouts of the seat of the soul. For a while it was thought to be in t(...)

Nuala Goodman’s  Affresco wallpaper is reminiscent of the distressed plasterwork one might find in an ageing palazzo.

Why are some people scared of wallpaper? Maybe it’s a hangover from the times, between 1950 and 1970, when many ghastly and frequently geometric crime(...)

Sleeper, by Mark Wallinger

Tulca Festival of Visual Arts 2014: Neutral Various venues, Galway ****   Curator Alison Prior – best-known for her work with (...)

Plate by Diulio Forte, from ‘Meditation on plates, inspired by Lord Charlemont’s Casino’

The Casino at Marino is a gorgeous puzzle box of a place. Like Doctor Who’s Tardis, it seems much bigger on the inside than out, and it includes all m(...)