In an undated handout photo, an image posted by militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria appears to show insurgents leading away captured Iraqi soldiers. Handout via The New York Times.

Sunni militants captured the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar early today, its mayor and residents said, the latest blow to the nation’s Shia-led gover(...)

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani told a news conference today that Iran could contemplate cooperating with its old adversary the United States on restoring security to Iraq if it saw Washington confronting ‘terrorist groups in Iraq and elsewhere’. Photograph: Umit Bektas/Reuters

US defense secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered an aircraft carrier moved into the Gulf today, readying it in case Washington decides to pursue a militar(...)

The re-election of Nouri al-Maliki a month ago to a third term as Iraq’s president was a sure sign of what was coming. His recipe of more of the same (...)

Iraqis fleeing the violence in Mosul arrive yesterday at a checkpoint in Erbil, in the Kurdistan region in north Iraq. Photograph: EPA/Kamal Akrayi

Sunni militants who overran the northern Iraqi city of Mosul as government forces crumbled in disarray extended their reach in a lightning advance (...)

A member of Kurdish security forces stands guard as families fleeing violence in Mosul wait at a checkpoint. Photograph: Reuters

  Islamic extremists have grabbed control of much of Mosul in northern Iraq after troops abandoned their posts and government buildings, i(...)

The site of a car bomb attack in the town of Tuz Khurmato, north of the capital Baghdad, yesterday. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has been behind a wave of violence in Iraq. Photograph: Reuters

Islamic militants have overrun parts of Iraq’s second-largest city, driving security forces from their posts and seizing the provincial government he(...)

A woman casting her vote at a polling station in Baghdad. Iraqis headed to the polls yesterday in their first national election since US forces withdrew in 2011. Photograph: Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah

Iraqis nervously cast ballots yesterday in a national election seen as a referendum on security issues that could have widespread ramifications for th(...)

Ubiquitous campaign posters prior to Iraq’s parliamentary elections in Sulaimaniya, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Voters go to the polls today in Iraq’s first nationwide election since the withdrawal of US forces at the end of 2011. Photograph: Yahya Ahmad/Reuters

Snipers line the rooftops across Fallujah, waiting for a chance to shoot at government soldiers, should they try to invade. Homes have been wir(...)

An Iraqi soldier uses a binoculars at a checkpoint in Ein Tamarm, a town some 40 km west of Kerbala. Families fled violence in the Iraqi cities of Falluja and Ramadi with many arriving in the predominantly Shi’ite town of Kerbala, 86 km  south of Falluja. Photograph: Mushtaq Muhammed/Reuters

Fierce fighting between Iraqi forces and rebel groups including al-Qaeda was reported near Falluja yesterday, 24 hours after the United States agreed (...)

A  local council building destroyed by gunmen in Fallujah yesterday. Photograph: EPA/MOHAMMED JALIL

Al-Qaeda-linked militants now held control of much of the Iraqi city of Fallujah and other nearby towns and have seized military equipment provided by(...)

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