Niki Collier

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A work by Claudie Biehne  in “Monumentality/Fragility” at the National Design & Craft Gallery, Castle Yard and Kilkenny Castle

It sometimes seems the subtext of just about everything is Brexit these days. An impressive craft exhibition set to open in Kilkenny this month, on th(...)

Michael and Theresa Kinsella (82 and 79) are the carers for their daughter Fiona (52). Theresa has been diagnosed with dementia. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

I’m in a house in west Dublin, and my interviewee is puzzling me. Theresa Kinsella (82) doesn’t seem to be following my questions. She asks me to repe(...)

Coral Collier, who has a mental health condition, epilepsy,  insomnia and mostly uses a wheelchair, spends most of her time with her iPad listening to music and watching cartoons. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

“Our personal life is virtually destroyed. We’re a split family,” says Rem Collier. He and his wife Niki care at home for their daughter Coral (9), w(...)