Protestors shouting anti-EU  slogans outside a Eurogroup meeting at the European Council building last night in Nicosia. Photograph: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

Cyprus was close to reaching agreement with its international lenders on a new bailout package early today that will protect depositors under €100,(...)

A protester casts his shadow onto a Cypriot flag during an anti-bailout rally outside the presidential palace in Nicosia. Photograph: Yorgos Karahalis/Reuters

Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades is tonight holding last-minute talks with international lenders on todayy in an attempt to save the Medite(...)

Protesters taking part yesterday in an anti-bailout rally by employees of Cyprus Popular Bank outside the parliament in Nicosia. Photograph: Andreas Manolis/Reuters

The scenes of panic at ATM machines in Cyprus and the continuing potential for a complete meltdown of the banking system there should give some(...)

Supporters of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party hold Greek flags during a rally over the crisis in Cyprus outside the German embassy in Athens today.  Photograph: John Kolesidis/Reuters

Finance ministers of the 17-nation euro zone will hold talks on Sunday on the bailout crisis in Cyprus. The meeting has been scheduled a(...)

Protesters shout slogans during an anti-bailout rally outside the parliament in Nicosia. Photograph: Reuters

The Cypriot parliament overwhelmingly rejected the euro zone bailout deal yesterday evening, as the country’s finance minister flew to Russia t(...)

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble: said it was preferable to tap the high level of foreign capital in Cypriot banks, including from Russia, before expecting European taxpayers to underwrite the programme cost. Photograph: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP/Getty

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has said recent experiences in Iceland and Ireland had shown why Cypriot bank investors should accept(...)

A police officer stands by a protest banner outside of parliament before a meeting in Nicosia yesterday. Photgraph: AP

Angry Cypriot bank depositors appeared to have won concessions on the terms of the Cypriot bailout deal last night, after euro zone finance min(...)

heir first reaction to the €10 billion Cypriot bailout deal today, amid fear that the deal could spark contagion across the euro zone. (...)

Small queues of people have gathered at cash machines across Cyprus to withdraw money, while co-operative credit societies had to shut yesterday to prevent a run on deposits. Photograph:  Yiannis Nisiotis/Reuters

Cyprus ’s parliament today postponed a crucial debate and vote on a levy on all bank deposits that the cash-strapped country’s creditors deman(...)

Cyprus’s president Nicos Anastasiades (left) talks with Greece’s president Karolos Papoulias in Athens.

SUZANNE LYNCH in Brussels There is growing expectation that losses may be imposed on senior bank bondholders as part of the imminent Cypr(...)

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