When a close friendship ends, the effect can be similar to grief. Photograph: Getty Images

Female friendships are something of an enigma. For some the relationship is such that a female friend is the first port of call in the event of a cris(...)

Breast is best: breastmilk is particularly important to prevent a severe bowel infection called necrotising enterocolitis.

Ahead of the Spice Girls concert earlier this summer lactation consultant Nicola O’Byrne was contacted by an Instagram follower who knew exactly what (...)

Child psychotherapist Colman Noctor with his children Harry (2), Ódhran (7), and Layla (4) at home in Wickow. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Colman Noctor is the author of Cop On: What It Is and Why Your Child Needs It to Thrive and Survive in Today’s World. He has more than 20 years’ exper(...)

Having pumped   breastmilk ready and available is useful as it increases the supply for supplemental feeds

Hospital support for breastfeeding is only the start. It is what happens in the home and the community that is likely to determine if mother and baby (...)

At a breastfeeding support group meeting in Lusk, north County Dublin were, from left to right, Emma Lericque with son Colin; Suzanne Webb with daughter Lucy Niland; Karolina McKittrick and son Jack; Anna Clarke with Jeremiah; Michelle Cannon with Leah-Joy; and Aine Conneff with Oisin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Irish mothers will breastfeed in public en masse in at least 14 different venues around the country this Saturday, as part of the international Quinte(...)