The Wangi-wangi white-eye (left) and the Wakatobi white-eye (right) are very different species. Photograph: Nicola Marples and David Kelly

Two new bird species have been discovered by zoologists from Trinity College Dublin while on research trips to the Indonesian islands. The Wakatobi w(...)

A friend welcomed a badger sett on his land even when they wrenched a sheaf from his best daffodils, just nicely in flower. Illustration:  Michael Viney

A friend with an outlier badger sett just the other side of the hedge was reminded of his intermittent neighbours on a brilliant morning last week whe(...)

Badger culls have been used to try to stop the spread of TB, but this method of disease control has been criticised by animal welfare groups, particularly in the UK. File photograph: Getty Images

Not even badgers are safe from the prying eyes of Big Brother. Zoologists from Trinity College Dublin are using GPS tracking technology in Co Wicklow (...)

An undated handout photo issued by Trinity College Dublin of a male Wakatobi Flowerpecker (Dicaeum kuehni) that was caught on Tomia Island by Trinity College Dublin zoologists in the biodiversity hotspot of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Photograph: Trinity College Dublin/PA Wire.

A new species of a tiny, colourful bird has been found by Irish scientists in a small island chain in the tropics.Zoologists from Trinity College Dubl(...)