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Britain’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: ‘He has taken the side of just about every adversary this country has had in my lifetime.’ Photograph: Scott Heppell/AFP/Getty Images

Britain’s two main parties traded accusations about security and policing on Tuesday as they moved towards their last full day of campaigning ahead of(...)

Cannabis regulation would reduce crime and improve public health. Photograph:  Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

In 1926 an American trade unionist, William Roberts, gave evidence on the effects of alcohol prohibition to the Senate Judiciary Committee: “Everywher(...)

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn meets staff and children at Marsham Street Community Nursery in Westminster, London. to highlight pledge of free care to all two to four year olds. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

The leader of Britain’s opposition has had a recent run of form on the campaign trail ahead of next week’s election, reducing what had looked to be an(...)

The idea that getting out of bed early is a badge of moral virtue is hardly new. The Puritans were early risers and Napoleon bragged that he could get(...)

Britain’s prime minister Theresa May eating chips during a campaign stop in Mevagissey, Cornwall, on Tuesday. Photograph:  Dylan Martinez/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Theresa May has said she will be “a bloody difficult woman” towards European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in the forthcoming Brexit negot(...)

British prime minister Theresa May said the controversy over the leaks had proved that the upcoming negotiations would be ‘tough’.  Photograph: Oli Scarffoli/AFP/Getty

Theresa May has declared that Jean-Claude Juncker will be the next person to discover that she can be a “bloody difficult woman” as cabinet frustratio(...)

 British prime minister Theresa May welcoming European Commission president Jean-Claude  Juncker at Downing Street last week. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

While Theresa May brushed off the Frankfurter Allgemeine’s account of her disastrous dinner last week with Jean-Claude Juncker as “Brussels gossip”, C(...)

Nick Clegg maintains that hopes of a soft border are ‘illogical nonsense’ and that the UK government is trying to have its cake and eat it too. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty

Former deputy British prime minister Nick Clegg maintains that hopes of a soft border are ‘illogical nonsense’ and that the UK government is trying to(...)

A video grab  shows Britain’s Brexit Minister  David Davis speaking  about the Great Repeal Bill white paper in the House of Commons. Photograph: AFP

The British government wants to create sweeping new powers that would allow it to amend thousands of European Union laws it is transferring into UK la(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny with British prime minister Theresa May in Dublin last month. May “turned down the honour of addressing the Dáil” during her visit to the capital. Photograph: Colin Keegan/ Collins Dublin

At the start of this month David Davis stood up in the House of Commons and presented the government’s Brexit White Paper. Lacking substance in many v(...)

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