Nicholas Tsar

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Yurodny produce a rich synthesis of wildly celebratory music and epic songs of loss and longing

At a time when broad swathes of the world are focusing ever inward, music has a funny way of coaxing our gaze outward again. Yurodny embody that outwa(...)

Tsar Nicholas II blessing his troops. File photograph: Getty Images

The Russian October Revolution in 1917 took place in November of that year. The apparent contradiction lies in a difference of calendar systems – the (...)

The last tsar of Russia Nicholas II (centre) with his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their son Alexis. Photograph: Henry Guttmann/Getty Images

No serious historian would deny that Nicholas Romanov had a steamy love affair with a prima ballerina before he married and ascended to the Russian Im(...)

Irish connection: Denis O’Sullivan, in whose memory the Feis Ceoil awards a medal each year

In September 1898, the Skibbereen Eagle newspaper ran a famous editorial that declared: “We will still keep our eye on the Emperor of Russia and on al(...)

Russian president Vladimir Putin: 1917 revolution does not fit his neo-tsarist, nationalist Great Russia myth. Photograph: Maxim Shemetov/AFP/Getty Images

On March 15th, 1917, the day of his abdication, Tsar Nicholas II noted forlornly and very briefly in his diary: “All around there is treason, cowardic(...)

Cossack charge at Gumbinnen, August 20th, 1914: A depiction of an eastern front battle between the German and Russian armies at Gumbinnen, East Prussia, now Gusev in Russia. Photograph: Culture Club/Getty Images
Ill-placed family trust

It was a nice day, slightly lifting his spirits. Nicholas II lunched with his two younger daughters before setting out by carriage for the Winter Pala(...)

Wealthy post-communist Russian collectors have developed a keen interest in their country’s imperial heritage and items associated with the former roy(...)