Structural methods could have proved to be inflexible just at the point where managers needed to bend them. Illustration: John Holcroft/Ikon/Getty

Managers are often derided as martinets, bunglers or bureaucrats. Chief executives are applauded when they promise to “sweep out layers of management”(...)

According to leading Brexit commentator Prof Chris Grey: ‘Cummings is a type, very familiar in business … not as smart as they think; geek-macho; too impressed by pop-science … going from job to job leaving a trail of destruction for which they never have to take responsibility.’ Photograph: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

Panto season has started early in the UK with a political dogfight in Downing Street. A row that has gripped political anoraks and dominated the headl(...)

Marissa Mayer, the former Yahoo chief executive, banned employees from working from home in 2013 Photograph: Ruben Sprich/Reuters

I have been thinking a lot about “Bob”. He was a US software developer who worked from home for a large company. In 2013, it emerged Bob had been outs(...)

Does your boss view you as part of the  office A-team? Photograph:  NBCU/Photo Bank

Where do you rank in the pecking order at work? Do you have a solid footing in the boss’s inner circle? Could you be in line for the boss’s job? Or ar(...)

Chris JohnsThe arguments over the size of next week’s budget cuts are, for the most part, trivial. More so than ever, economic and political fortunes (...)