‘It would actually be lovely to live there, but for me I was miserable working in the Irish health system. It’s hard for me to envision going back there,’ one doctor said.

The unbearable strain of being at the frontline of our broken health system is a major reason for emigrating cited by many of our doctors who move to (...)

Dr Niamh Humphries is seeking to interview Irish doctors working across Australia for a research project on retention and emigration in the Irish health service.

It is hard to believe that the Irish health system still hasn’t got a handle on why so many Irish trained doctors emigrate. There is a presumption th(...)

Master of the National Maternity Hospital Rhona Mahony said the difficulty for everyone in a court case was that “you’re pitting doctors against their patients”.

Doctors are no longer willing to go to court to defend medical negligence cases because of the legal costs involved, according to Master of the Nation(...)

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Imagine if primary school teachers were emigrating in droves, turning their back on relatively secure, public sector employment because of intolerable(...)