Niall Smith

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A grasshopper mouse takes on a scorpion

In a smackdown between a venomous bark scorpion and a mouse, which would win? A house mouse would be no match for the bark scorpion’s painful sting, b(...)

Kepler 7b, left, is 1.5 times the radius of Jupiter, right

In recent years Nasa’s Kepler mission has uncovered a wealth of exoplanets (planets that orbit stars other than our own sun). And the details keep rol(...)

Earth-sized exoplanet named Kepler 78b, which whips around its host star in less than nine hours – one of the shortest orbital periods ever detected

If you’ve ever felt like the years are flying by, then you might identify with exoplanets that complete their “year” in just a few hours.An exoplanet (...)

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