‘Clearly not Flann’: Robert Farren, aka Roibéard Ó Faracháin, the poet.

On behalf of Flann O’Brien fans everywhere, I offer belated thanks to Ronan Farren (Letters, December 5th) for solving a mystery that had perplexed ou(...)

David O’Kane’s poster, inspired by the ‘The Third Policeman’, at the International Flann O’Brien conference in Salzburg

On a rare outing from his Irish Times column, in 1954, Myles na Gopaleen (he had by then dropped the eclipsis) wrote a short story for The Bell magazi(...)

George Bernard Shaw: “Shavian” (to rhyme with “avian”)

Why are the people of Cork called “Corkonians”? Why not just “Corkians”, which would save time and energy? Or to further apply Occam’s Razor, why not (...)