“The world is crumbling and I don’t have much to say,” sings Greta Kline in the opening seconds of new album Close It Quietly. Only half this statemen(...)

It begins with the sound of an infinite void. Press play on The Antlers’ third album Hospice and all that will greet you is a cold, unsettling silence(...)

In the new golden age of Los Angeles hip-hop blazed by Kendrick Lamar, YG, Vince Staples and a few dozen others, G Perico’s high-pitched raps and cash(...)

Finding Shore could soundtrack an android love story. There are shades of Kraftwerk’s robotic grooves, Vangelis’s legendary retro-futuristic Blade Run(...)

Our critics have picked their best beats from 2017 and now it’s over to you. Click on irishtimes.com/ticketawards to vote for your favourite arti(...)

Glow girl: Annie Mac

Jennifer Gannon Duran Duran: Ordinary World The Rio thing: Duran Duran Seeing pop acts at festivals is always a moment of liberation(...)

Mozzy raps the blues on 1 Up Top Ahk. Every syllable released from his weathered vocal chords is imbued with the kind of pain that can only be channel(...)

Field of dreams: Getting down at Body & Soul

Body & Soul is almost upon us. We are now officially knee-deep in the festival season. Prep your ears. Gird your loins. Bolster your liver. The su(...)