Neil Young

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American singer Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine performs during a concert at the Huxleys in Berlin, Germany, 2018. Photograph: Frank Hoensch

Not many people know this, but 20 years ago, when American singer- songwriter Sam Beam was studying film, he was working on a low budget movie in the (...)

Wixen  is seeking damages of $150,000 per song, for more than 10,000 songs. Photograph: iStock

Music streaming service Spotify has been sued by a music publishing company for $1.6 billion (€1.3 billion), for hosting songs it allegedly doesn’t ha(...)

“I’m Canadian by the way and I love the USA…” begins Neil Young on the march-like call to arms Already Great, before he tears into the age of Trump. T(...)

David Rawlings

If you’re going to go to the trouble of watching a total solar eclipse, it might as well be in the middle of a cornfield in Nebraska. “I had never see(...)

Apparently the Malibu recording session flowed with “weed, beer and coke” and drugs do get fond mention. But whatever was driving him that August nigh(...)

A quick catch-up lest anyone hasn’t been paying attention. Lukas is a son of Willie. Having a famous father probably didn’t hurt when Neil Young gave (...)

The measure of this impressive album is that it is the first of Rawlings’s three solo albums where the listener doesn’t immediately yearn for the thri(...)

About six months ago, Conor Oberst released his seventh solo album. Ruminations is so titled because it was written following a period of exhaustion i(...)

Leonard Cohen takes a bow on stage in  Toronto in 2008. Photograph:  Aaron Harris/AP Photo/The Canadian Press

Vona Groarke “Dear Vona Groarke, I’m happy you exist.” July 18, 2000. Signed (in blue ink), ‘Leonard Cohen’. We were two poets trying to make a go o(...)

For his acceptance, Bob Dylan is giving a concert, not a reading – which says it all. Photograph: Istvan Bajzat/AFP/Getty Images

For the times they are a-changing . . . No doubt they are, and few artists know more about flux than Bob Dylan, this year’s surprise choice of Nobel L(...)

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