Neil O Connor

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Somadrone: in suburban Dublin, circa 1993, I was a leading connoisseur in the art of home taping

“Home taping is killing music.” This was printed on cassette tapes back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in an attempt by the music industry to stop(...)

Broadcasting on the internet 24/7 can be done cheaply and DDR’s presenters are still finding their voice. Photos: Killian Broderick, Brian Mc Namara

With daily listenership at 80 per cent among Irish adults, radio is still as significant as ever in Irish culture and media consumption. Despite this (...)

According to the study, concern over viruses and malware were the top reasons cited by users for using adblock software, as was irritation with the type of ads served up.

The use of ad blockers rose faster in Ireland than almost every other country last year and it now ranks joint second globally behind only Indonesia i(...)

Dublin-based analytics and advertising firm PageFairhas raised $400,000 in new funding from Tribal Ventures, Frontline (...)

Somadrone: The First Wave

Tracking Neil O’Connor’s progress as Somadrone over the past few years has been a lesson in how a musician achieves a slow, steady progress in term(...)