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Singer and animal rescue founder Cathy Davey  has always been disturbed by how humans treat animals

“I would love to get some kind of class put into schools to teach empathy through hands-on experience, thinking outside the box and teaching people al(...)

Heathers kick-started their careers when their music was featured on Discover Ireland campaigns

Turn on any national television station and chances are you’ll hear music by an Irish artist during the commercial break. What began as a trickle of m(...)

Cathy Davey: “I think all of these emotional tendencies that humans have, you can narrow them down to different animals.” Photograph: Pauline Rowan

If you’ve been wondering exactly where Cathy Davey has been for the past few years, the answer can be found within 30 seconds of pulling into her dri(...)

It has been six years since Bang goes the Knighthood, and while he’s been busy flexing other creative muscles (operas, a piece for organ – now, now),(...)

Áine Divine painting Ian McKellen

In a world full of smartphones, selfies and Instagram moments, why would anyone take the time and trouble to draw or paint a portrait? The answer is,(...)

There is no doubting Patrick Freeman’s influences after just one run-through of his debut album. Judging by these nine tracks, it sounds like th(...)

Thomas Walsh has always borne his influences brazenly – but when those influences are classic pop bands like ELO, The Kinks and The Beach Boys(...)

Detail from ‘Delphiniums’ by  Anne McLeod

The 161st exhibition of the Water Colour Society of Ireland, opening at the Concourse Gallery, Dún Laoghaire County Hall on Monday, features some 280 (...)

Duke Special: ‘One friend recalled that he had an awkward habit that could cause social embarrassment. It could nearly be called a psychic tick’

My Obituary is a new column, launched today, in which people are given the chance to write their own obituaries while they are still alive. Some ma(...)

Ben Folds: ‘Find moments in your own life to explore.’ Photograph: Erika Goldring/WireImage

How does a songwriter know when a song is finished? How do you write a good song? What is a good song? How does an impulsive idea become a melodiou(...)

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