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There is a trend towards more IT-focused roles in the auto industry. Photograph: iStock

According to Prof Venkat Venkatraman of Boston University Questrom School of Business, today’s modern automobile runs on 100 million lines of software(...)

Connectivity opens up some exciting possibilities for consumers. Photograph: iStock

The changing nature of cars was highlighted in KPMG’s 2018 Global Auto Survey, which found that standard equipment will need to be redefined in future(...)

This new Ibiza is something of a revelation. Sit in and clunk the door shut, and you’ll notice immediately that the cabin has taken a major step forward.

It is heartening to see Seat’s recent performance, both in monetary terms and in the quality of its cars. For far too long the sick man of the Volkswa(...)

Audi has bucked the global and European sales trends, posting record sales year-on-year for the past 16 years, if you ignore the aberration tha(...)