The certs were issued for the ‘Republic of Ireland’, which is not the State’s name in the Constituion. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A senior Department of Health official has apologised for the use of an incorrect name for the country on Ireland’s version of the European Union’s Di(...)

The Department of Health will introduce new regulations to allow patient data to be shared, including for research, ahead of the rollout of electronic health records in the coming years.  File photograph: Getty Images

The Department of Health will introduce new regulations to enable patient data to be shared, including for research, ahead of the rollout of electroni(...)

Cancer Trials Ireland rolls out Just Ask Your Doctor! campaign,  calling on those with cancer to ask their doctor if there is a relevant cancer trial that they can join to increase their treatment options. From left,  Evelyn O’Rourke, member of the board of Cancer Trials Ireland, Prof Bryan Hennessy, clinical lead, Cancer Trials Ireland, Ashley Bazin, team leader, oncology/haematology, Tallaght Hospital, Dr Linda Coate, vice clinical lead, Cancer Trials Ireland & consultant medical oncologist, University Hospital Limerick with patient Advocates Patrick Kivlehan, Johnstown, Kildare and Emma Corcoran,  Lusk, north County Dublin.  Photograph:  Andres Poveda

Many of the difficulties for women with cervical cancer which emerged recently would not have arisen if patients had direct electronic access to their(...)

The Oireachtas health committee heard that Government departments were “high on aspiration and frighteningly low on detail”. Photograph: Getty Images

Thousands of Irish patients could lose the option of being treated in the North in the event of a hard Brexit, the Oireachtas health committee has bee(...)

Research has shown that the introduction of electronic health records for one US healthcare insurer reduced medical error and hospitalisations by more than 50 per cent.  Photograph: iStockphoto

Surprising as it may seem, Ireland is one of the last countries in Europe to fully use technology to improve use of public health services. In spite (...)

Level playground: the futures of children as they progress through the system become increasingly determined by gender. Above, Blessington primary school in 1985. Photograph: Jack McManus

Our education system is askew. Boys are underperforming in school. Girls are making big strides and achievements in education, but women are massiv(...)

“Under legislation, universities have a remit to promote equality of opportunity, but it’s not being realised,” says Prof Kathleen Lynch

Pat O’Connor was the first woman to be appointed at full professorial level – of sociology and social policy – in the University of Limerick (U(...)

Compare colleges

Higher education has been crying out for performance indicators, but authorities in Ireland have been wary of the distorting effects of global rank(...)

Trinity College Dublin: has 4,776 postgrads, 1,924 students using online learning and 44 per cent of its staff are between 20 and 39. Photograph: Frank Miller

The performance of each of Ireland’s third-level institutions can be compared in unprecedented detail with the introduction of a new performance-prof(...)