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Brian Hayes of the Banking and Payments Federation: ‘A wide range of solutions are being made available by lenders at this time and are being worked through with borrowers.’ Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Struggling borrowers will be best served securing “individually tailored” easing of terms of their loans as the Republic faces into tighter Covid-19 r(...)

Central Bank deputy governor, prudential regulation, Ed Sibley: ‘Everyone is experiencing the pandemic in a different way.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Insurance companies must have “a degree of ambition” in their plans to improve diversity and inclusion at senior levels, otherwise they will be asked (...)

Ed Sibley’s report found women represented just over a third of those in the highest pay quartile in the insurance sector. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Top insurance companies operating in the State nominated women for just 21 per cent of senior positions between 2012 and 2018, even though their wider(...)

  Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley expects a “minority” of banks’ customers will need forbearance arrangements once payment breaks expire. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Ireland’s main retail banks will need to book “significantly more” provisions this year relating to the Covid-19 financial impact on their borrowers, (...)

“What they are saying is that they are going to pull back on the amounts they are willing to lend and asking borrowers to come up with more money,” said Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers.  Photograph: iStock

People who have provisionally reached mortgage deals with banks since the start of the year could see loan offers pulled and agreed exemptions from Ce(...)

Brian Hayes, chief executive of the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Banking chiefs should not be put on the “bold step” for expressing views on regulatory or economic policy if Irish society is to avoid repeating a mis(...)

Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley

Irish bankers are beginning to display echoes of pre-crisis hubris, as pressure mounts on regulators to ease back on checks and controls introduced in(...)

Some 165 protected disclosures were made to the Central Bank from whistleblowers during the period. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Central Bank experienced a 40 per cent increase in tip-offs of suspected wrongdoing at financial firms from workers in the industry and the genera(...)

 Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley said the ultimate outcome of the Brexit process was still far from certain. Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

Ireland is still facing the possibility of a hard Brexit and a significant disruption to trade, even though the risk of a no-deal outcome has been ave(...)

Credit unions hold about €1.8 billion in investments   in the UK.

Credit unions in the Republic may have to withdraw €1.8 billion of deposits and investments lodged with financial institutions in the UK in the event (...)

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