Mr Paisley

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Censorship is not censorship if it comes from the left. This is the message which many will read into the letter from five Labour TDs, which we publis(...)

 Ian Paisley at a Hillsborough agreement protest yesterday in 1985. Photograph: Dermot O’Shea / THE IRISH TIMES

Ian Paisley was probably the most fiery, uncompromising and bellicose Northern Ireland politician throughout the Troubles.But late in life, one of the(...)

Former Democratic Unionist leader  Dr Ian Paisley: accuses  Margaret Thatcher  of “betrayal” over her work with taoiseach Charles Haughey on the “totality of relationships” between Ireland and Britain and because of her signing the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985.     Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Former DUP leader Ian Paisley said he was “very angry” when he learned of the deaths of 13 unarmed civilians, later 14, on Bloody Sunday in Derry in J(...)