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A paramedic who attended to Ms Lott at her home told the jury that the call will ‘haunt’ him for the rest of his career and was one of the most ‘horrendous scenes’ he had ever walked into in his life.

A forensic scientist had told a murder trial that the amount of blood splatter found in the kitchen of Nadine Lott’s apartment suggested there had bee(...)

Ross Outram who was convicted of  murdering of Paddy Lyons.

Ross Outram has been jailed for life after a jury found him guilty of murdering a 90-year-old retired farmer, who was found beaten to death in his own(...)

 Thomas Pfeiffer (50) was sentenced to three years suspended for abducting and falsely imprisoning an 11-year-old boy.

An academic has been given a three-year suspended prison sentence in the Circuit Criminal Court in Waterford for abducting and falsely imprisoning an (...)